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Things to do with the kids over Easter! #2 Build a Den

#2 Build a den

Today I took number one son and two of his friends out. We went to an orchard where we had permission to play and the kids built a den.

We took one of my newest bags ‘Bag of Outdoor Adventures’ and on arrival at the orchard sent the children off to see what they could come up with. They came back a couple of times desiring adult help but got on with it when we refused to move out of our place in the sunshine.

The gorgeous afternoon provoked some reminiscing of going out with friends when I was 8 or so and creating dens in the hills. We played secret societies and made ourselves badges just like in the Enid Blyton books! When I look back I remember those summer days so clearly, the excitement, the independence and the sense of adventure.

How did our kids get on with their den? Well, after a while of thinking and planning they came up with a great design. They used the para-cord to attach the tarpaulin to a little fence before finding long sticks to prop up the other end to form a tent like structure. They were so proud of their achievement and quite rightly so, they had done it all by themselves.

These are the times when we can facilitate and release our children to boost their creativity, team work and ultimately their self-esteem.

After a wonderful day out in the fresh air being active and creative in nature, number one son certainly didn’t need any help going to sleep – he was out like the proverbial light….happy mum!


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