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Things to do with kids on a journey (part 1)






“Are we nearly there yet?”

Oh those familiar words – my son says it on the way home from school! Of course this is the season for long journeys to the sun, sea and sand. Travelling many miles by car, train, plane, bus or boat we seek to keep our little treasures happy and busy. Admittedly these days we have screens to entertain, where would we be on a journey without a dash of Minecraft?

Consider this, though, how often do we get this much quality time with our children? A journey is a wonderful way to create memories.

Over the next week or so I’m going to post some fabulous ideas taken from 'Usborne Activity Cards: 50 Things to do on a Journey'.

Quick Fire 10

1. Choose a category such as capital cities, French food, sea animals (choose a category appropriate for the youngest member on the journey).

2. The next person (or play in teams) has to think of 10 things in that category in one minute.

3. If the person or team manages to name 10 they receive 1 point. The first person or team to reach 5 points is the winner.

Good Luck and Have Fun!


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