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The toys have arrived in time for Christmas Fayres

Woo hoo it’s like Christmas here in our household. What an exciting way to start the day with an early toy delivery. No 1 son was like a kid in a….erm….well…a toy shop!

This marks the beginning of the Christmas run up, I know I know I can hear you shouting me down but I’ve booked into lots of Christmas Fayres over the festive season and am really excited to see which toys the kids fall in love with this time round.

How do I know what the kids will love? I hear you ask….I think. Well I employed the help of some expert toy market researchers – primary school children. It’s hard to understand as an adult why slime could be so popular or small animals that pull out their tongues but apparently they are! Earlier on in the year I went against what I thought was my better judgement and stocked the items that number 1 son suggested. I was seriously shocked when everything he suggested completely sold out at one event!! That told me.

Well, this arrival has me excited about the festivities leading up to Christmas. I love the fayres, all the hustle and bustle; the variety of stalls; the happy relaxed clientele; the cakes,

The first fayre I’ll be at this year is:

Saturday 4th November     1pm – 5pm       Cake and Craft          Landrake Chapel

I hope to see you there!


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