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The England team�??s coming home but every cloud�?�.

Number one son had his first taste of football five years ago in his reception class where it transpired that his understanding was that he should do everything he could to get away from the ball! Consequently football hasn’t played much of a major part in his life and I confess that I found that even tickets to our local team were a bit too pricey for me so I haven't done very much to encourage it.

I was very excited about this World Cup but number one had no interest at all, even reading his Beano through the first England match!

However, last night we sat in front of the TV and it came to my notice that he didn’t even know some of the elementary aspects of the game, such as which goal was which, who was who etc. I was able to explain some of the rules (obviously I was beaten by the off-side rule, does anyone know that?).

Despite the disappointing result every cloud has the proverbial silver lining, ours was that we had a fun time together where I think, maybe, you never know, I might just have raised his interest in football just a little.


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