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Remembrance and Story-telling - Lest we Forget

Story-telling in our culture is often left to the ‘professionals’, we take our children along to story time at the library or get excited about a special story telling event. Number 1 son and I love both of these activities yet there is so much more to story-telling. In some other cultures it’s about passing on family history or national history. The Bible was reliably passed down through the generations by relaying information from parent to child.

Remembrance weekend always serves to renew my desire to tell my son stories that my grandparents told me about their war experiences about how my grandma and her family had Christmas dinner (amongst many other meals and nights) in a Manchester cellar whilst sirens sounded and bombs fell; about how my grandpa was injured, captured and was initially brought back to health in a Dutch palace before a horrendous time in a prison camp sent out to mine in the German mountains. It's important for my son to learn these stories and faitfully pass them on in time, we must never forget.

We all have a duty to tell stories, to pass on family history and general history…..we don’t ever want to forget.

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