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Please come to my shop!


When my friend Susan and I were teenagers we very virtuously volunteered in a ‘Traidcraft’ shop on occasional Saturdays. This was a shop selling fairtrade wholefoods (before Fairtrade was a ‘thing’). Not many people seemed to know about the shop and we would spend hours willing passer-by’s to come in through our own form of telepathy or playing ‘hide the 2p’ around the empty shop. Needless to say customers were fairly thin on the ground - we also lost a fair few 2ps.

Now all these years later I’ve got my own products to sell in my online shop on Etsy, my online Ebay shop and my website. I think deep down I thought people would be rushing to buy my lovely handmade bags containing fabulous kits to make life even more enjoyable – who would want to be without? The harsh reality is that I feel like I’m back in the Traidcraft shop trying to will people in to browse my wares. I’m sure that one day I’ll have more of an online presence, until then I’ll just have to play ‘hide the 2p’ at home on my own!


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