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Out of the Zone

It was refreshing to hear Bear Grylls, the master survivor himself, on the Chris Evans breakfast show last Friday talking about how he felt out of his comfort zone – bizarre when we realise that his comfort zone is way out of most of ours!

I can fully identify with Bear Grylls – not a line I ever thought I’d be able to say!

I have just started a new business where I have taken a small scale children’s gift idea (something that became popular with my 7 year old son’s friends) and started to sell them. I imagined myself being extraordinarily creative at the sewing machine day in day out. Not so! It is now apparent that starting a new business is all about spending hours and days at the computer working out how social media works and how to update the website. There are English words on the screen forming sentences which tell me what to do yet they are incomprehensible to me. Despite this I must admit that I’m enjoying a new challenge, learning about an area I had no clue about previously.

Bear Grylls said: “You grow when you are out of your comfort zone”

I am looking forward to being 7 foot tall!


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