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Mother�??s day is coming�?� the gift is the giver.

I am a single parent so there's no help available when number one son wants to buy me a gift.

Knowing that he wanted to buy me a present last Mother’s Day I popped into our village shop and put in a request for the wonderful, friendly proprietors to guide number one son to the boxes of maltesers I could see myself enjoying on Mothering Sunday evening.

Mother’s day came and anticipating a box of maltesers I wasn’t quite sure how to react to the blue bed socks I found in the parcel……identical to the pink bed socks he’d bought me for my previous birthday! Seeing his proud, beaming face I was, of course, incredibly grateful for his thoughtful gift.

The story goes in the shop that no matter how much they tried to suggest, steer, cajole him over to the maltesers he’d already decided that mummy really needed another pair of bed socks!

In this freezing cold weather I am constantly reminded of his kindness as it comes in very useful to wear two pairs of bed socks!

Mother's day is almost upon us, I wonder what joys await this year....a pair of tights?!? Whatever he gives me will be truly very gratefully received although I treasure the giver more than the gift.


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