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Insect Day - cheap kid's activities for days off

Insect Day…

…is what number 1 son calls the day when after six weeks of entertaining your children you get one extra day to string it out a little longer – non pupil day, also known as Inset day!

So what to do with two 8 year olds to amuse for the day? I was thinking of a trip to a local playground…..then it rained. So….time to go back to nature, the season, of course is blackberry picking season. We donned our waterproofs and off we went with our plastic tubs splashing along in all the puddles. The kids had a fantastic time spotting and picking blackberries in the hedgerows. Not only were there a lot of bramble bushes but also a huge number of nettles. The kids actually started to enjoy the competition of who had the most nettle stings followed by dock leaf hunts to calm the inflammation – so much fun!

The other interest the kids had were the amazing spider webs, all visible only due to the rain droplets. Some of them had their host spiders on them cooking up a nice afternoon snack of ‘flyjack’.

The Bag of Bugs contains a fantastic kit for days like this. With the very popular bug viewer those little mini-beasts can be collected, observed and released without causing any harm. The magnifier offers the chance to look closer at those incredible spiders in their webs. It’s a great grab and go bag.



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