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Has Spring sprung? Hear the birds.

Has Spring sprung? I am an eternal optimist and would like to say yes it has.

What are the signs? Well, in our lovely rural part of South West England the primroses are popping out of the hedges, number one son has spotted squirrels, the birds are getting louder in the mornings, the grass looks greener. Doesn’t it make you breathe a sigh of relief after what seems like a long winter?

Number one son and I joined some friends on a walk around some local woods yesterday. There was a notice there encouraging us to listen out for some birds. See if you can hear them in your area ….

The robin: “twiddle-oo twiddle-dee

The cuckoo: “cuckoo cuckoo” (fairly obvious)

The owl: “twit twoo” (also well-known)

The chaffinch: “pink pink”

All you need is a little bit of quiet and you’ll be surprised what you hear.



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