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Get the kids out and geocache the world!

Number one son excitedly searched through the undergrowth alongside his German cousin, eleven years his senior. They turned over stones and logs, climbed up trees, pondered clues until……eureka! They’d found it – a tiny plastic container with a pencil and paper inside. The joy and satisfaction of finding a geocache is contagious, it works for all age groups and gets us out into the open air exploring countryside and towns alike.

We have done some geocaching in our local area with a free app and a dose of curiosity. Number one son is particularly good at finding them (I’m particularly good at cheering him on from the side lines - not great at finding anything!). On our recent trip to visit family in Germany my 9 year old and his much older cousin found they had a love for geocaching in common and bonded beautifully over probing in the nooks and crannies of brick walls and rifling through overgrown shrubberies.

I would highly recommend geocaching as a brilliant way for all age groups to get out together at the weekend, there are geocaches all over the world so you’re never very far away from one. You will need the app (just look for 'geocaching' in your app store ) which is free and continues to be free if you just want to find the basic geocaches which is what we have done so far. If you catch the geocaching bug quite badly then you may want to upgrade at a cost so that you can find the more complicated ones.

Whichever way, get out this weekend with your family and enjoy the pursuit.


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