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Basketball - a great family day out!

I’m not much of a sports person whether playing or watching but who knew basketball would be so enjoyable? Number 1 son and I were invited to join friends at a Plymouth Raiders game.

They were playing Leeds Force and what a game! Basketball is such a fast game that I was transfixed. The baskets were going in…..34….56……78 wow! this doesn’t happen in football. Whenever there was a break in the game music blared out and cheerleaders came on to keep the crowds entertained. At half time kids were able to try their hand at getting some baskets themselves before the teams came back on for the second half. It was a really close exciting match but the final score was: Plymouth Raiders 83 Leeds Force 73. Hurrah!

I would highly recommend a basketball match for all the family. Fast, exciting and clean (no dodgy vocabulary flying around) with lots of entertainment, a great afternoon out. After the match my son was thrilled be allowed on the pitch or is it a court to collect autographs from the now heroic players.



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