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Bad news at Christmas - time to refocus priorities

I love Christmas and New Year, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I think it’s wonderful. I love the excuse to get together with friends and family; the mad little traditions we’ve all created over the years and of course the food (I may love the food a little too much!).

Maybe due to the extraordinary indulgence of this festive period any news that would be very difficult to take in under normal circumstances suddenly becomes even more unbearable. This Christmas season, for me, was a strange mix of the usual fun and some devastating news regarding a very close friend which brought me into 2017 with an undignified, heart-sinking bump.

It has caused me to ditch the usual New Year resolutions of not eating or drinking anything that doesn’t resemble a colourful vegetable (that usually lasts a few days) or the usual vain commitment to do 55 minutes exercise per day – 5 minutes given over to eating and drinking pure sugar to recuperate! (This one usually lasts one day). Instead I feel challenged to look at my time and the priorities in my life.

The business ‘Bags of Precious Moments’ started because I felt I’d recognised a need in a time-starved society. Hours and minutes have become a precious commodity fought for by families and individuals trying to ‘have it all’. The kit bags I’ve been creating are a small way to contribute to families and friends taking time to create memories together. They are designed to spark ideas and creativity. I feel that our children are young and dependent for such a short time, let’s make the most of every moment.

This year, therefore, I have a renewed energy and passion to make every moment count….with my incredible son, my amazing family and my wonderful friends.


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