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Autumn Days Out - Feeding the kid's curiosity!

I love Autumn, it has so much character and unpredictability.

The other day number 1 son and I went with friends down to our local Cornish beach. We took a picnic and our wetsuits and had an amazing day. The sun shone beautifully and after a picnic of pretty sandy sandwiches we donned wetsuits and ran into the sea. Wow the water was quite warm (not Mediterranean warm, you understand, but still….) and the kids bounced around on their body boards for ages.

When we’d exhausted our sea activities we went rock pooling. I’d brought number 1 son’s bug viewer from his bug hunting kit (see webstore for the available Bag of Bugs). The kids had a wonderful time magnifying sea creatures and looking closely at the life they found in the pools. They found a (dead) crab and really enjoyed looking at that super magnified!

Number 1 son was so enthused that when we got home he googled one of the creatures he’d found to discover that he’d been dealing with a sand hopper. …..who knew? He took his viewer and a google picture of the sand hopper and presented it at ‘Show and Tell’ at school.

Children are so naturally inquisitive and it’s great to see what can spark from a simple day out at the beach.

Not bad for an October day......could this be a new meaning for Rocktober??


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