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Amazing Science for Kids

When I was a child science seemed like a very big subject that only teenagers and academic adults were privy to. I don’t remember having any lessons labelled ‘science’ when I was in primary school (although, to be fair, it was quite a long time ago).

Yet at the grand old age of 8 my son has announced that he would like to be a scientist! A noble profession indeed – I am a proud mummy. There are amazing science lessons at his school and they even had ‘science’ and ‘scientific’ on their spelling list last week.

Armed with the knowledge that my son would like to join the science world when he grows up I jumped at the chance to go to the Eden Project for one of their science weekends. ‘Amazing space’ was the theme where one of the main events was a presentation put on by The Squashbox Theatre. Wow! I learnt so much in 30 minutes of puppetry, songs and fun. We covered scientists ranging from Galileo to Einstein. For instance, have you ever heard of Tycho Brahe? He was an eminent astronomer in the 14th century who had lost most of his nose in a fight…..who knew??


My son and his friends also created and launched their own rockets as well as having a go on a hover board.

I guess science stripped down is basically us trying to understand our world and how it works. I feel that we live in a wonderful time where science has become incredibly accessible for us both at school and at home and our kids are excited about it.

Needless to say I’m inspired, so watch out soon for my new Bag of Science containing four science experiments for you to do with your children. First of all, ask your kids to make predictions – what do they think will happen? Follow the instructions very carefully. After the experiment record your findings.

The bag will be on sale as soon as my son and I have tried them all out




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