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A different kind of gift for Father's Day?

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

There’s no getting away from it there are moments when time feels like our enemy and it keeps marching relentlessly on. We’d like to harness it and hold on to the great times and eliminate the bad ones. Harsh reality reminds us that despite the popularity of ‘Dr Who’ and the 80’s film ‘Back to the Future’ there is no Tardis or customised DeLorean transporting us back in time.

What can we do? We can change how we deal with the ‘now’. In his article ‘Why fathers should spend time with their kids’ on Aaron Hass claims that fathers spending time with both their daughters and sons is important for their development.

Children’s self-esteem benefits enormously from spending time with their dads. Kids are instinctively aware that their dads are very busy so that special time spent together communicates to the child that he or she is important and valued. This gives rise to children having more respect and acceptance of themselves as they move into their teenage years and beyond.

The more time a father spends with his children also helps their identity, as they get older they will keep hold of their father’s values.

This all illustrates how significant the father/child relationship is.

The motivation for my ‘Bags of Precious Moments’ business has always been to help facilitate parents with time. A bag filled with a kit to give time to a family is my constant aim.

A fabulous Father’s Day gift for daddy on 18th June would be the ‘Bag of Outdoor Adventures’. There’s everything dad needs to get out into the garden, the park, some woodland or even the beach and build a den with his kids. There’s tarpaulin, 5m para-cord, binoculars, a torch, pad, pencil and rubber all in a fantastic, handmade blue or green camouflage bag. All dad and kids need to provide is a sprinkling of imagination.

What’s the best gift you can give dad? Time in a bag!



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