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My Story

My business story started not long after my son’s birth. During these early days I started to make new friends as is often the case as a new parent. One mum and baby became particularly special friends. Nine months into our baby fun I continued to be a stay-at-home mum for a few years whereas my friend had to go back to work limiting her time with her daughter.

Every birthday I wanted my gift to my friend’s daughter to be extra-special so each year I designed a new kit or game for them all as a family to spend quality time together. My friend loved her child’s gifts and encouraged me to start thinking about creating a business. Not long ago my lovely friend died of cancer, it made me realise all over again the importance and poignancy of time. I finally started my business.

I love thinking of new ideas, implementing them and testing them out on my favourite guinea pig – my son! He will honestly tell me if he thinks something will work or not. It has made me realise that as adults we can be quite out of touch with what our children really want!

The activities I have made into kit bags have been tried and tested by us and our friends for years and I am so thrilled that consequently my son just loves being outdoors.

I want to continue creating innovative activity bags because I strongly believe that special family times are important in a child’s development and contribute greatly to a person’s well-being later on life.

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